5 ways to earn money online

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 If you also want to earn money, that too, sitting at home and only with the help of the phone, then today we have brought some similar methods for you and will continue to bring you into the future as well as we have brought all these ways for you.people are making very good money by using them, so if you also do not want to do anything else by working online, then you can easily earn some money or a lot of money through these methods.  The best thing is that today we are going to tell you how to earn money, you can do them part time or full time also means you can also spend all your time in doing this or else you can take some free time to make money in these ways.

 You can earn money through these methods only with the help of your phone, if you do not have a laptop, then you do not have to worry, you can earn good money without laptops.  So let's talk about 5 ways to earn money online.

5 ways to earn money online

5 ways to earn money online

 In this article, the 5 ways that we are going to tell you to earn money, they will be told one by one, all will be told on your series in a series and there will also be explanes in detail.  If you want to know these methods in more detail, you can go to Google YouTube, Facebook or any other search engine.

Freelancing to earn money :-

You can earn a lot of money by freelancing, you only need one and only blood to do it.  In the work of freelancing, you

 You can do any work that comes to you, such as you can edit someone's photo and earn money, or if you get the job of data entry, then you can do that or if you need to make a website  You can also do this work if it is useful, you get this work in plenty.

 Let's know who will give you this job?  If you have good knowledge in any field, then any person can give you work, you will get help with some website, by going to these website, you will have to create a profile of your own and tell me what is useful and  How much money will I take for that? There are some websites to make money from free lancing freelancing.com, oneper.com and fiverr.com It was some famous website and here you can get huge amount of work. You can also do this work in full time or you can also do this part part time. If you want to know more about freelancing, you can go to YouTube and see it.

Google task mate to earn money :-

Google task mate is Google's app and it can help you to earn some money, it is an app where you can earn money by completing some small tasks, you cannot do this job in full time because it  There is not much work here, you just have to complete a small task, but the biggest thing here is that this app is not public yet, this app is for beta users and you cannot become a beta user and  You cannot use this app right now, but within two to 4 months you will get to see this app in the market. You can use all these apps right now, when a beta user gives you their referral link or referral number, you cannot use this app without a beta race number.  And the biggest thing is that it is a Google product, so you people can trust it.

Link shortener websites to earn money :-

You cannot earn much money from the link shortener website, but if you have some people who give you daily on a platform like Facebook, YouTube, Google or any other social media platform, people see you, then you earn a lot of money in this way.  All you can do is to make any link if you share it with your users, then you will have to shorten that link by going through any link shortener website. After shrinking the penis, you can share this link with your users on WhatsApp Signal Facebook YouTube anywhere. After this work, when your user clicks on the link, then some ads will be shown on that link.  You will get money. Let us tell you that you have to go to a good website only. If you go to any wrong link shortener website, then they will not give you money for your work. So choose only some frequented website.

Product selling to earn money :-

Product selling is a job that you can earn millions or even crores by doing full time, product selling is also called affiliate marketing, so you can turn on affiliate income.  Product selling means that no product is sold online, if the product is worth a thousand rupees, then you will get some percentage commission of it. Suppose if you have written a product of ₹ 1000 and you get five% commission on that product.  They are ₹ 50 for your commission, if you sell 10 or 20 products for ₹ 1000 in 1 day, then this commission can become your good and you can earn good money from it. If you have a website for this work then it is very good, otherwise you should have a YouTube channel, if it is not there, then you should have a Facebook page.  You can start this work with some websites, some of them are famous. On Amazon Flipkart Amazon or Flipkart you can create an application account and from there you can create affiliate link of any product and share it with your audience and users. If any one of them likes your product, then he will buy it and your commission will be made on buying it, you can do no better and thousands or millions of people are running like this and they are earning millions today.  Initially, it will have to be reduced a bit but later it may not increase too much. To create an account, you will need an Aadhaar card or PAN card, but if you do not have an Aadhaar or pen card, then some such apps have also come in the market which allow you to sell the product without document. Like meeshu.

YouTube channel to earn money :-

By the way, I should have named YouTube channel first, but here I am taking the name of YouTube channel for the last time because most people who run the internet know about it, if you don't know then let's talk.  How can we create a YouTube channel? For this, you should come to any one art like you should come to cook good food or you should not speak well or you can make a news channel or you can come on property dealing channel or you can make more channels of anything.  In which you are good. After creating a channel, you have to put videos on it, as if you know how to put videos on YouTube channel, if you do not know, then you can search this thing on YouTube. You have to put more and more videos, if these videos are liked by your audience, then you will get more and more subscribers and through these subscribers you will start earning money. There is no one way to earn money from YouTube if your  There are more than a thousand subscribers on YouTube, then you can earn money from YouTube ads, but the condition for this is that you should have your own video on your YouTube channel, the stolen video will not play anywhere. But if for some reason there are many subscribers on your YouTube channel but you are not giving YouTube aids on YouTube channel, then I am going to tell you another way which can be very useful for you. You can take any product like any product.  And it can be called Affiliate Marketing. Or you can promote someone else's product. If you promote someone else's product, here you will pay that other person for the promotion of your product. And an alternative way to earn money from here is that you can also promote an app.

 You hope so much in today's article that this information will be profitable for you and you will definitely get some income from this information.

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