How To Make Website To Earn Money

Today, we are here, with this amazing article which help you to earn money online with the help of any website or blog. It is not to learn that how to make money from website but you can not earn money by website from first day of start. You need to invest money and some time here and make your blog successful. I will explain you in some steps. You will learn easily if I will explain you through step. So, lets start now

How To Make Website To Earn Money

                 How to start a free website ?

There are two ways by which you can make your website but in this article we will talk about Freeway which help you to make website in free if you have investment of money then you can go on WordPress and make your website on WordPress but it will be costly if you are beginners in the field. So I will talk with free method which is blogger.

By the help of blogger, you can create your own site and can monetize your side from many ways. Here, you can create your site with name, name of your blog and unique blog address and you can host your website at and when you have investment of 200-300 then you can take domain from any website like hiox India,hostinger and Godaddy and so on websites which provide you domain in in very affordable prices.

How to find profitable domain ?

If you want to find profitable domain and I will help you to find profitable domain. How ? You can take any do men like .com .in .net .xyz but I will suggest that you can domain from any website because it is cheap then other domains like dotcom .net and .xyz are costly than .in. now you can connect this domain with your blog and blogspot address.


How to make your site good looking ?

For make your website good and SEO friendly you can also add themes which take less time to load in mobile and desktop as well as laptop. Now you can add information about your blog like how is your blog what is the category of your blog and on which category you will upload article and so on. You can write description bye going on setting option and write meta tags and create sitemap for your website which help Google to crawl your website.

How to start earning ?

Now you need to start work on your website.

you can start uploading articles in your website on category which you have already chosen. Your article should be maximum from 800 words from Google point of view.

If your article will be more than 800 words than Google help you to drive traffic on your site. After 25 to 30 article of of Eight hundred words you can apply for AdSense.

What is adsense ?

I think you would know what is AdSense. If you don't know what is AdSense and how to earn money from it. Then I am going to talk about AdSense. And I will explain you how would you earn from AdSense. AdSense is the product of Google by which you can monetize your site and YouTube channel. It provide Ads for your site which help you to earn some or more money. You can submit your site for AdSense approval for running ads on your site when you are eligible for AdSense than AdSense will approved you within 7 days. But for this you need to customise your website in good way and for AdSense approval some page are mandatory like privacy policy disclaimer contact us.

The venue of AdSense work on to basics :- the first this keyword and second is traffic when you have a more traffic then you will earn a lot of money from AdSense and when you have a less amount of traffic then you will earn less money from AdSense. You need to increase your traffic for AdSense earning.

What alternative method we can you to earn from website? 

You can use many alternative method to earn money from your website. you can sale your services you can sell your affiliate product and you also promote some services which help you to earn some revenue. but you need to traffic to earn money from any method like AdSense and these alternative when you does not have a traffic then you can use your social media to build your traffic you can use Facebook Instagram and Twitter and so many other platforms which help you to generate traffic.

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