How to earn money at home in India

 Today, I will suggest you some method for how to earn at home in India.

 If you are an Indian and want to start work online then it is not easy to earn in India but I will suggest you some best method to earn money online at home in India.


YouTube channel 

Affiliate marketing

Website making

Data entry job

Translating job

Photo editing job

Simple work on earning app

Coding job

Backlink making job

Social media manager

YouTube channel :-

If you have a any skill then,  you can show your skill on YouTube channel and can gain subscriber light or views which help you to earn money online but it is not work of one day you cannot achieve all things in one day minimum to minimum it will take three months or more for a start earning.

Affiliate marketing :-

 it is the largest source of earning in India. it is the market of billions of Dollars. it is easy you can sell product of any affiliate program website like Amazon and and many other websites. you can choose any product to sale and can sell product on any social media platforms or website and if anybody buy product from your link then you will get your commission.  the commission for all category are different like for electronic accessories emission are different and for fashion wears Commission are different.

Data entry Job :-

 it is a simple data entry job. you can do it on and on in your price if you want to learn data entry then you can learn it from YouTube in free and within one hour and can earn in long term.

 Translating job :-

  it does not required any skill you can use Google Translate app for translating will provide you work for translating content.  you can charge what do you want.

Website development :-

 it is a long process it take 3 to 6 month for start earning but when you start earning one time. then you can earn upto lakh sau crore rupees month if you want to learn more for Website development then you should read our old article.

  also you can learn full course of website building on many apps in free.

 Photo editing job :- 

  it is the one of the biggest growing business in India. if you are good photo editor. then you can do photo editing work for your customer and then charge good amount of money you can do this job on or one per or also on Instagram.

 Simple work on earning app :-

  it is a simple work. you can do task on some apps to earn some money. one of the best app in India is Roz Dhan on which you will do some task and you will earn some money. 

Coding job :-

 if you have a proper knowledge of coding then you can build apps for your customers and software for your customers and can charge good amount of money.  if you want to learn coding then you can learn it from YouTube and many other platforms and can earn money from this method. 

Backlink Making Work :-

 if you have some knowledge  on website. then, I think you should do backlink making job for big website you can take work from and also from many Facebook groups.

 Social media manager :-

you can become social media manager. if you have good knowledge in Facebook,Instagram for YouTube. you can manage social media of popular person and can earn thousand of rupees from this method this is a part-time method.

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