How to earn money from Instagram

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Today,  we are providing you such a interesting content about Instagram. From this article you can earn money from Instagram also I am earning from these methods. 

So,  let's start with our topic how to earn money from Instagram.

There are many method available. Here,  by which you can earn money online but I will suggest you some trusted method like paid promotion, I'd selling  or freelancing :-

Paid promotion

You can earn good money by promoting others I'd and others app or YouTube channel but to start it. You must have more than 10k followers  on instagram. If you have than you can start it. You will get promotion.

How to get paid promotion 

It is not easy to take paid promotion because you need to find people who want to promote it's I'd.  You can find them easily with the help of some tricks like you can mention on your story that paid promotion is available here or you can upload one story every month that if you need to paid promotion than you can contact me.  From these two method's you would get good number of requests for paid promotion and than you can chat them and you can charge what you want. So, it was the first way by which you can earn. Now, we have more trick like selling I'd.

Selling id

You can sell your ID in good amount  of money and if you have more than 10k followers and you don't have time to manage it than you can sell it on any website. There are many website here which will provide you this service of sell and buying account. I will mention some of them website in this article for your help.  All website that I will provide you are popular and trusted on these website you can sell or buy your Instragram,youtube,facebook or twitter as well as Pinterest account easily. Also you can request your audience to buy your id. You cab share your story for sell your ID and contect them which take interest to buy your site. 

Product promotion

You can do partnership with any brand. These brand pay you a lot of money for promotion there product.

You can mail 10-15 big or small brand for promotion. You can said that I am interested to promote you from my ID. So 2-5 will reply you and ask for what you will you pay but you must have more than 20k followers and than you can charge a money a take sponsorship from any particular  company. 

For today,  it is all. Now,  we will meet in next article. 

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