How to start affiliate marketing with Amazon


✓Internet has become the need of everyone today, from entertaining themselves to finding every need on the internet, man wastes so much time in running their fingers on the mobile keypad but to fulfill the same demand internet hardly takes seconds. 

✓And it often happens that whenever you visits social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram you can see various pop-ups  and videoa that are promoting brands, and you knows this also that these platforms gets money in turn of these promotions and sometimes their incomes reaches to millions of dollars, and similar brand promotion is called affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is a way of marketing in which a creator promotes any other brand, platform or any app on his/her social media platform/ blog/ or any website. In turn of which that company or brand gives revenue to that creator.

*Making of your Amazon Affilate Acc.**

And after the success story of affiliate marketing in US Amazon started affiliate marketing project in India also that became an outstanding source for bloggers of creators for their earnings.

because on Amazon everything including books, household uses accessories, and other millions of electronic gadgets are available and if any person buys that product from the referral link given by you then,  Amazon company gives you 5% to 10% commission of that product to you. 

now where the question comes that how to become a part of the affiliate marketing in Amazon, and its answer is also quite simple just go on Google search Amazon affiliate program and then click on the first result that comes, 

On clicking at you will reach to a website that is official website of Amazon affiliate marketing and there you can get basic information about affiliate marketing in Amazon and with that you can also get the sign up button there.

to sign up there you will be required all the fields to be filled completely and genuinely if you are joining this program for the first time click on I am a new customer and then to sign in with secure server. Second important point is after you sign up you have to give all the details required and then to create password and then retype it (if required)  after creating the account read all the given credentials carefully and then click create my account and then to select now for *US TAX PURPOSES*  then you have to give details about your website or blog and if you don't have any website then you can also drop your youtube channels link there, and then you will be successful in creating your Amazon associate account,

*****Starting of Affiliate Marketing******

 And at the time of creating your account you will be asked from Amazon that which type of ADS you want on your blog or channel,

Then you can just take the given options also or select the custom option, then you can get search for the product option there and from there you can get the desired objects link and can put that on your YouTube channel or blog's description or can share there in comments or by any other means of sharing it. address through that link anyone buy your product then you will get the commission as we have told earlier 5% to 10%  from Amazon side, 

And from that step you can start earning even without monetizing your blog or YouTube channel with AdSense.

**IF you wanted to know how much amount does Amazon shares on each product then you can go in your account settings and click view your payment plan then there you can get to know how much percentage is shared on each product given by Amazon and can simply share the one which shares highest percentage according to you,


⛸️12% on shoes

📱4% on mobile- phones

📚 And 10% on books.

And these rates are decided by Amazon itself and

 **Now the next question that can arise in your mind is that if you can start affiliate marketing from Amazon without any website blog or YouTube channel, then it's answer is also quite simple and that is YES, of course you can. As after making your account you can share the link given to you of the product to any of your social media platform or to your friends through WhatsApp also. As we have told earlier if they clicks on your link and buy the product then you will get the desired commission and will start to earn, actually we would say not desired but as set by the the Amazon affiliate planners.

**Now you must be thinking how would you withdraw your income after earning through Amazon affiliate marketing

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