How to start YouTube channel in 2021

  if you want to be youtuber in 2021 then it is very hard if you have good content and good ideas then you can beat your competition And become good youtuber.

 today I will inform you about some topic which will help you to grow on YouTube and please read all  important point of this article and also read it carefully.

 I am from India and the population of India is very huge and all competition on YouTube is very high due to unemployment.

How to become successful YouTuber

 if you want to know that how to become successful youtuber in India or another country so you should follow these points.

1.  Topic

2. Video quality 

3. Audio quality

4. Video length

5. Tittle,tag,description

6. Consistency

7.  engagement

8.  social media

9.  trending topics

10.  collaboration or cross promotion

 These 10 point will help you to grow on YouTube and all points will help you to grow on YouTube if you will focus on these points then I can take a guarantee that you will become a youtuber in 2021. all method are genuine and you can use this method now we will talk about topics in detail.

Topic :-

 if you want to start work on YouTube then you should knowledge about on what topic you should work and you should know about topic on which you want to start work.  I am providing you 10 niche on which you can start work these are very popular niches.

10 niches to start work (popular)

1. vines

2. Food

3. Technology 

4. Cricket 

5. News

6. Fashion

7. Education

8. Make money online (toturial)

9. Startup ideas

10. Motivation videos

Video quality :-

 now, video quality very important to grow on YouTube. when, your video will smooth and play better than other's video than, audience like your content so you can put your video on YouTube with 144 pixal to 1080 pixel which help audience to relate with your content.

Audio quality :-

 your video have low quality or weak audio then audience will not like your video and can leave your video in half which impacts on your audience retention. So, over all audio have very important role in video.  So,keep work on your audio and make it better. 

Tittle,tag,discraption :-

 title help your video to define. title define your video and description is detail of your video and you can give title of your video in hundred word and description in 5000 word. I will recommend that you are video title should be 60 word and description should be more than 3000 word and also you can put tech's new description for drinking purpose when you put title tag description clearly then it will help your video to rank on YouTube you can also use any app to good tags. 

Consistency :- 

 you should consistent on your YouTube channel when you are uploading 5-6 videos in one week than,  don't broke this chain. You can make 10 - 20 video in advance and can upload one daily.

Engagement :- 

 engagement with your audience is very important. When your audience is asking questions in your videos comments and you are not replying then you should reply when you reply him than also they will watch your videos  and I want to suggest you that if you have enough time than go on your competitor channel comment that asked by her audience. They will visit your channel and can subscribe you. 

Social media :- 

 you can take help of social media platforms to grow your channel because other social media platforms have very high audience which can subscribe your channel.

10 popular social media platforms to grow YouTube channel 










Trending topics :-

Work on trending topics can grow you very faster when you will work on trending topics than you would  change to rank your videos on YouTube faster. You can take help of google trends to find trending topics in 24 hour or 48 hour in any particular country.

Collaboration :- 

Collaboration can help you to engage with more people and if you have 2k - 5k subscriber on your channel than you can find YouTube of your category with 5k -10k subscriber and can convince him for collaboration. Your audience will visit his channel and his audience will visit your channel and you will get more subscribers and views as well as like.

For today, it is over.

Now,  we will meet in next article.

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