Some Crazy Facts About Bitcoin

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Today, we are going to talk about Bitcoin and some crazy fact about Bitcoin that you should know. If you are cryptocurrency investor or Bitcoin investor. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency means digital currency which up and down digitally. You can buy it online digitary you cannot take it in your hand physically.

Some Crazy Facts About Bitcoin

These Crazy facts also help you to learn more about Bitcoin & cryptocurrency. In India people don't have enough knowledge about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency because it was done in India but now all cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is legal in India. you can buy it sell it and make profit from it without proper knowledge you cannot use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies 

So read this article carefully. To take all knowledge about Bitcoin.

So let's start with our topic some crazy fact about Bitcoin.

10 crazy facts about bitcoin 

1. From past 8 year it is a number one currency in cryptocurrency world and also it is highly valued currency and now more than 3000 currency are in a market.

2. You can use Bitcoin to buy goods or services. Also you can invest in Bitcoin with coinswitch Kuber application. it is a very simple app for beginners investor. If you have interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies then you can create account on it. You can start investing on coinswitch Kuber with only 100 rupees and more than 100 cryptocurrency is are here in which you can trade and also I am using this platform for investment purpose and if you want to to take more information about it then you can comment below or contact me.

3. Bitcoin was launched publicly in 2009 and it's owner is Satoshi Nakamoto.

4. The supply of Bitcoin is limited because only 21 million Bitcoin is in a market and in ear 2140 the supply of Bitcoin will be completed.

5. The relation of Bitcoin and pizza is very strong and 22 May is celebrated as Bitcoin Pizza day because on 22 may 2010 a man buy 2 pizza from 10 1000 Bitcoins and because of this 22 may celebrated as Bitcoin Pizza day and it was the first transaction of Bitcoin.

6. You can kept Bitcoin in your digital account. If you forget about password of digital wallet then you will lose your all Bitcoin. So password is very important.

7. Bitcoin transaction cannot be reverse as bank transfer. Once you send money then you cannot receive it again.

9. The details of receiver and sender of Bitcoin is hide and due to this Bitcoin used for illegal transactions in the world.

10. The Bitcoin transaction cost is zero.

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