10 Ways To Save Your Phone From Attackers

 This is our extremely important video.

We are when we are wearing a mask but how we can make a smartphone safe by hackers. 

This is an article about how to make your smartphone safe in 2021.

In this digital world, anyone can hack your phone by using some tips & tricks and also we can make our smartphone safe by using small small tips & tricks.

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In this article I will tell you 10 methods or ways to save your phone from attackers.

 third party app download

 This is a big mistake by people.

 if you need to download any app then download only from play store. don't download apps from other sources like chrome and on any other website. It can be risky for you.

10 Ways To Save Your Phone From Attackers

  1. Unknown sources

close unknown sources. when you go into settings and security then you will see unknown sources and you should close it.  take your phone if it is on then please make a off. 

  1. Permissions

 If you are using a racing game app and  it is taking permission from your contact camera microphone then it is a red alert for you.

 Why do gaming apps need your contact information and camera information?

Go to settings and check which is taking more and more information about you.

  1. OS and apps Update

 updates are basically bug fixes and patches.

 If your OS and app is not updated then hackers can hack your phone easily.

 show all your apps and OS should be updated for security purpose.

  1. Password

 make a strong password on Facebook, Instagram , Twitter or YouTube.  and also use different passwords on all social media. I know it can be difficult  but you can use the password manager for it.

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  1. 2 factor authorization

 use two factor authorization for security purposes.

  1. Take backup

 backup is very important.1 backup from every app around 15 days.  you can take your device backup very easily on Google Drive.

  1. Device charging

Don't charge your device at public places like the railway and airport and charge your phone without a charger.

 yes you will charge your phone with a public charger then there are very strong chances that your phone can be hacked. 

  1. No need of antivirus apps

 don't use any antivirus app because if your phone is new and updated dengue software can do all. 

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  1. Use tor browser 

 If you are using Incognito mode for privacy I want to tell you cognitive mode is not private Google and your sim provider can access your data with or without Incognito but if you want privacy then you can use Tor Browser which is the status and private.

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