Boat rockerz 400 - unboxing & review.

  So friend , today we are going to talk about the boat rockerz 400 and we will give you a clear review about boat rockerz 400.

so friends, when you receive a box. the box will be like this. 

 And when you open the box you will get our main product boat rockerz 400 with some manuals and also you will get a warranty card in the box and also with our boat rockerz 400 you will get some cables. 

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Boat rockerz 400 - Unboxing

Now we are  putting all box content in the side and let's talk about our main product boat rockerz 400.

which is looking like this :-

 This is looking somewhat different from other boat 450 and boat 450 Pro. not too much but some differences.

Build quality boat rockerz 400.

the build quality of boat rockerz 400 is good and when we compare boat rockerz 450 with board rockerz 400 then the build quality of 400 is good in comparison to 450.

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And also It is good looking headphones by boat.

Weight of boat rockerz 400.

boat rockerz 400 is very lightweight and it's made with premium quality metal. the plastic of boat rockerz 400 is also good in this price range. The quality of foam is not very good but in this price range it is essential but cusitions is very good and soft intouch and when you wear it then you will feel so comfortable.

 The cushions are made up of cotton.

when you wear it too much then due to metal pressure your ear will pair.

 I personally like the build quality of boat rockerz 400 and there is no chance of breaking. 

 so in this price range I personally like it.

 So friends left to talk about some specifications of boat rockerz 400.

 It comes with a 40mm driver and also in Boat rockerz 400 you will get Bluetooth 5.0 support. 

 when you connect anytime then it will connect very fast due to Bluetooth 5.0 support.

The range of Bluetooth is maximum 10 mitres and it comes with a 300 mAh battery and it can provide 8-10 hours battery backup.

boat 450 provides you good battery backup but the price is so different from both. 

It will charge fully within 2 hours. 

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Boat rockerz 400 sound. 

Now let's talk about the sound quality. The sound quality of boat rockerz 400 is good.  And it will provide you with balanced music, not so much bass.

 I personally like boat rockerz 400 and  It's build quality.

It is available in many colours. you can buy it in Blue,Green and yellow and black colour.

  and also it is available in special colours which are more costly than others.

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 Boat rockerz 400 price

 It is cheaper than other board headphones like boat rockerz 450 and boat rockerz 450 Pro which are so costly but it is only available in 12-1300 rupees.

So you can go for this headphone at this price.

 at this price features of boat rockerz 400.

 It was all information about boat rockerz 400. Now we will meet in the next article with the next informational topic. 

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