Redmi note 10 Vs note 10S Vs note 10 Pro - Which should you buy

 Today we are going to compare the best three redmi smartphones Redmi note 10 Vs note 10S Vs note 10 Pro

Redmi note 10 Vs note 10S Vs note 10 Pro

These all come under 15000 and all are similar but which should you buy.

Redmi note is available at a price of 12,499 for 4+64 GB.

Redmi note 10 pro comes in at a price of 15,999 for 6+64GB.

The third is Redmi note 10S which comes in at a price of 14 999 for 6+64GB.

Redmi note 10 Vs note 10S Vs note 10 Pro

When you want to buy a smartphone under 15,000 and you want to go with the Redmi 10 series then what should you buy ?

Today, we are going to compare these 3 smartphones with all specifications.

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So let's start with our topic Redmi note 10 vs note 10S vs note 10 Pro.

Battery and charing support

Now we are going to talk about the battery of these smartphones. Charging support in all smartphones are same and you will get 33 watt fast charger in all smartphones. The battery of redmi Note 10 is 5000 mah and the battery of redmi Note 10S is same as redmi Note 10 but the battery of note 10 pro is 5020 mah.

Weight and thickness of devices

The thickness of Redmi note 10 is 8.3mm and weight is 179 which is good.

Now, Jignesh of redmi Note 10s is same Note 10 and weight is also same.

The thickness of redmi Note 10 Pro is 8.1 and its weight is 192. The thickness of this smartphone is good but weight is quiet more as compared to note 10 and note 10S.

Colour variant :-

Redmi note 10 colors:- front white,shadow black and aqua green.

Redmi note 10S :- shadow black,front white and deep sea blue.

Redmi note 10 pro :- vintage bronze,dark night,glacial blue.

Display comparison

Redmi note 10 and note 10S have same with same support. 

The display of redmi Note 10 and Note 10s is 6.3" + FHD+sAMOLED but the display in redmi note 10 pro is 6.70" + FHD+sAMOLED.

Refresh rate comparison

Redmi note 10 :- 60Hz 2400x1080p

Redmi note 10S :- 60Hz 2400x1080p

Redmi note 10 pro :- 120 Hz 2400x1080

Also you need to know :- redmi note 10 and redmi note 10 pro comes with protection of GG 3 but redmi note 10 pro comes with GG 5.

Hardware comparison

The hardware of all devices are different from each other. Redmi note 10 comes with snapdragon 678 and redmi note 10S comes with mediaTek G95 and redmi note 10 pro comes with snapdragon 732G.

More information about devices

All three come with a support of android 11 and also with miui 12.

Camera setup

All devices comes with multiple camera support.

Redmi note 10 :- 48+8+2+2

Redmi note 10S :- 64+8+2+2

Redmi note 10 pro :- 64+8+5+2

Now,lets talk about front cameras of these smartphones.

Redmi note 10 :- 13MP

Redmi note 10S :- 13MP

Redmi note 10 Pro :- 16MP

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