Best keyboard apps in 2021


Today I am here with my new article and I will tell you about the best keyboard apps in June 2021 which would be helpful for you.

This list I will tell you about some best keyboards apps which can save your time.

In This list I will tell you about some best keyboards apps which can save your time.

So let's come on topic and tell you about some best keyboards apps and you can say that 5 best keyboard apps will be helpful for you and for your time.

Best keyboard apps in 2021

Some keyboard apps which come in the market are giving very good functions and features for you.

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The first keyboard app is anysoftkeyboard.

If your phone is old and your phone does not have good ram/ROM and your keyboard app is already heavy then you can switch on this keyboard app.

It is available in only 11 MB. It looks stylish and it is a lightweight keyboard app. so, you can go for this.

And also it is a privacy focus keyboard app.

And also all keyboard apps shown in this article are safe and secure.

Typewise custom Keyword

It is an app which occupies 88 mb on your phone. It's size is 88 mb but generally the keys of your keyboard are square but this is having a honeycomb design. A lot of themes are available here to you.

This is the most eye-catching keyword app. 

Yandex keyword

 Yandex is a very popular keyboard in Russia as G-board in India and also this keyword app is a privacy focus app and safe for you.  In this app, you can charge many themes and look at your keyboard and design. The big thing in this app is it supports more than 70 languages and also it is available in only 32 MB. 

Bobble indic keyboard

 First of all, it is Indian app. so you should use it and it also supports multiple indian language and you can type with this keyword very smoothly and also you can use this app for creating your sticker from your photo you don't need any separate app for stickers.

Many themes and eye-catching Designs are available in this app which make this app so popular. 

Grammarly Keyboards

 As you would know, it is a very popular app for grammar. but now grammarly launch ground Keyboard which is known as grammarly keyboard. If you want to type professionally then you can look grammarly keyboard which is a very smooth keyboard and also it will check your sentence and grammar and make your typing professional.

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