Best TWS Earphones Under ₹3,000 Truly Wireless

 Best TWS Earphones Under ₹3,000 Truly Wireless

TWS Earphones Truly Wireless Stereo Hai Earphones Not Hot TWS Earphones TWS Earphones Today I am going to tell about good earphones under ₹3k.

5 - Soundcore Life Note -

Yes, if you do a lot of calling, then friends, this earphone is going to be special for you because its calling system or mic is very strong, so when you talk, the voice will be very clear, you and friends its 6mm Has drivers and supports Bluetooth 5.0 as well as button controls, has IPX5 rating, its price is ₹ 2399 and offers change a little 100 rupees here and there. So ₹ 2400 is kind of the right price according to me.

4 - Boat Airdrops 441 Pro -

Friends get 150 hours of battery backup, with this if you do not have to charge again and again, then this earphone is definitely made for you.

Large battery life of 5 hours on a single charge and 150 hours with the case.

Bluetooth 5, 6mm drivers and friends, you also get touch controls which were not there in the previous earphones as well as IPS7 rating, so leave the worry and its price is ₹ 2799 Audio quality will be fine, I would say but its I region its bigger battery if you want bigger battery then you can go with it.

3 - Oneplus Buds Zee -

Yes friends, if you want a brand then this is a brand, defense you can see it yes its battery is a little less but it is okay 5 hours is available on single charge and 15 hours with case, 10mm Drivers are inserted, friends and it also has touch controls, it gets IP55 rating, so it means you can use it comfortably even in light rain, friends, its price is ₹ 2990. As I mentioned, it comes with 10mm drivers, so the audio quality is also good, so overall if the battery backup was a little better, then it would have been really good and good thing but if the OnePlus Buds are Zee then it is good.

2 - M TWS 2C -

Guys, this earphone is going to be really good because it comes with 14.2mm driver, so the audio quality is going to be really great. Talking about battery backup, 5 hours on single charge and 20 hours with case, touch control comes support, Google Assistant support and best part is its price guys. Its price is ₹ 2499, friends, this is P IP certification, the company has not told me a lot but I have not found it anywhere, if you look at everything else, then it is good, especially the audio quality is tremendous, friends, if you want to listen more songs, play games, better quality I can go with you.

1 - Reality Buds Air 2 -

Yes friends, this is the only such earphones that you get with ANC Active News Cancellation We have tested this guys its really great work guys its price in general ₹ 3299 but you will get it at a very low price in the offers. Friends, in this you will get the support of Bluetooth 5.2, absolutely the latest Bluetooth is 5.0 in everything else and it has 5.2. These earphones come with 10mm drivers and touch controls are available as well as support for Reality Link, so that you can customize the touch control according to your own. The earphones come with IPX5 certification.

So friends, these were some wireless earphones of ₹ 3000 inside, then go and enjoy the earphones of your choice.

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