Should You Root Your Smartphone In 2021

 Should you root your phone or not in 2021.

You asked me 7-8 years ago, then the answer was very different from now.

If you are adventurous then do but in 2021 the answer is not that simple.

Yes guys.

Infect, I will say that all phones have good OS and themes and I will say that 99% don't need to root their smartphones.

But in this article we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of root phones.

Why will someone root their device

What happens if you root for advice? What is meant by rooting a device ? Answer :- A root user can do anything on their device and if you are root user then you can do many things on their phone. In simple language,

Root is basically an administrator of the phone or the device or the software.

Should You Root Your Smartphone In 2021

I personally rooted many devices in 2012-13. That time, you were not able to custom your UI like themes & fonts.

That time,  phones did not have very many features and one more reason was hardware.

Hardware was not very powerful but now you will get a very much feature in Budget smartphones within 15k rupees.

One more strong reason to root the phone was custom theme engine lineage os cyanogenmod these are custom ROMs which you can download after root. In this you get a theming engine which you do not get in a normal phone but now phones are very strong and full of features.

Many times the phone breaks during root.

I personally experienced this. I have lost the new phone I was trying to root. Literally it breaks. There is a lot of risk involved during the root.

Overall you do not need to root a phone because now all phones have similar functions and features and all phones are powerful. So now you don't need to root your phone in 2021.

So friends,

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And finally friends, a lot of people root their phones for cool looks. Friends when you root then your phone's warranty will expire or any company will not take warranty when you root your phone.

There is a lot and lots of risk to root your phone. So, I will say that don't root your phone in 2021 for UI and themes or fonts.

If you have devices then you can root any one of them. In that case you can root your primary smartphone. Because after rooting your phone you will get a maximum knowledge of smartphones and about software and also you can do it with your  primary phone which would help you to gain more and more knowledge about Android.

Thanks for reading this article.

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