Smartphone Buying guide for new buyers in 2021

 Today, we are going to discuss how to buy a good smartphone. So if you want to buy a new smartphone now or in the future, you should read this full article for information purposes.

Today we are going to tell you about how to buy a good smartphone from your point of view.

Smartphone Buying guide for new buyers in 2021

How you will choose the best phone for you if you are a gamer and if you are a normal user and if you are a video maker. Then

which phone you should buy today I will tell you in an article.

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So let's start with our topic Smartphone buying guide in 2021.

Make a checklist :-

It is the biggest app for buying a new smartphone. I think you should make a checklist according to your requirements.

If you want to buy a new phone with very good performance and then you are looking for a camera and then you are looking for a display and then a battery.

Yes, So checklist is very important before buying new smartphones.

The big question is should we buy 5G phone ?

Most of the people say that 5G is not coming soon, in one or two years it will take more time to come in India but I want to tell you that 5G will come very soon. Testing is open.

I want to tell you that if you want to buy a new phone for 2-3 years then you should look at 5G phones. And also don't worry about bands. 

And also you should look at processors.

Most of the smartphones under 20k are coming with good processors and you will get good performance. So, you should go with new processors. You can't go with old processes because they will not give you a good performance for a long time. So, you should go with the best recently launched processor.


The answer for this question is that you should go with an amoled display with a fast refresh rate. You should buy an amoled display with 120Hz refresh rate. It will provide you with good quality and results. If your budget is low and around 10k then you should go with a FHD + display.

Battery/fast charger

All companies are launching 40 watt 50 volt 60 watt 70 volt 80 watt charges which is a good thing with 6000 to 7000 Mah batteries.

And I want to suggest that you should go with the minimum 4500 mAh battery. And charging support will be 30 to 40 watt then it will be good. But I think you should not go with 10 W 20 word charges which are very slow now.


RAM and ROM is a big question. So how much storage is minimum. Now apps are very heavy and some heavy games are coming to market today and I want to tell you that you should go with 6 GB/128 GB.

If you want to use all things in your phone.

Your budget is not suitable for 6 GB and 128 GB then you can go for 4GB and 64 GB.


So you know that how much camera is important for you but do we need 108MP camera.

So my answer is not. We can go witb 48 and 64MP camera's which can provide us good quality pics and videos.

Quard camera setup is not important for us.

You can go with triple camera setup.

And I I want to tell you that main camera should be 13 to 16 megapixel.

Thanks for reading this article. Now, we will meet in next article with next international topic.

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