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I am Talib Zaidi.

If you want to know more about me then I will tell you what I am and how I am. I will tell you all about me.

To know more about me I think you should read this full article.

I am Talib zaidi ( owner of this website )

I open this website for only information purposes.

On this website I am posting articles recording phone information that would help you to choose the best phone under your budget and all information that I am providing on my website is genuine.

I decided to run my website in the start of 2021 and then I started this website and from the starting of 2021 I am providing information on the website about main topics.

I am a student in 11th class. I am working on many projects to help more and more people. I am running many websites to help people to collect information.

If you need any help then I am ready for it.

 If you want to contact me then you can contact me from the given contact form in the of last website.

Also you can read about privacy policy disclaimer. By reading these two articles you will know how our website are working.

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